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Attention: Retail Store Partners
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We are currently looking for retail partners nationwide---and so are our customers! We are constantly receiving questions from our online customers regarding where they can buy them in stores or malls. 
We offer an attractive discount for your bulk inventory needs.  We can customize your shot-skis with to the sports teams in your area or even with your store name! Contact us for more information on how we can grow together! We have a few concepts for store presentation that could help sell more shot-skis...not that you'll need any help. We're so confident they'll sell that we'll buy back any shot-skis that don't sell in 60 days!

We hope you consider partnering with us so you get to witness the enthusiasm of our customers when they see this unique product. You can even pair them with your current inventory of shot-glasses and create a custom package!
 All New 2-Shooter for Retailers! 
Put this mini 2-shot shot-ski, 2 shot glasses and a couple airplane bottles of booze near your check-out counter and watch them sell like hot cakes! Great for gifts and convenient for the traveling partier!
2-shot shotski
 Retailer Order / Re-Order
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 Retailer Overview & Benefits:

  • Minimum 4 & 5-shot order: 5
  • Minimum 2-shot order: 10
    (Choose quantity on next page)
  • Retailer discount: $10/shot-ski
    (Mark-up retail for desired margin)
  • No extra charge for multiple colors

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